Well, not much in the way of posts recently. Spent last week trying to avoid this flu/cold that was trying to take hold of me, and as of friday: I failed. I hate being sick. Guess I get to spend the weekend sleeping and coughing. 🙁

Taking the dogs for their walk on friday about wiped me out… they probibly won’t get a walk today.

Last saturday the Lovely S and her pup Dazzle came by for a vist/walk. They are both very nice and I hope I see more of them. 😉
Dazzle sure has a lot of energy (she’s only 2):

Dazzle the blur running around the yard with merlin:

dazzle and merlin

She was interested in meeting Bitty… apparently the cats at her house are pretty bossy:

dazzle and bitty

On tuesday the weather was nice enough to break out the pool. One of kurts fav things in the entire world:

He managed to go in before it was even filled:

kurt pool

Merlin and Twyla: “Thanks for the big water bowl out here”

merlin and twyla drinking

Twyla got in, which is pretty odd for her, but really she just wanted water direct from the faucet:

twyla in pool drinking

Ah, contentment:

kurt content in pool

Of course when you get out you have to shake over as many people as possible: