Here’s a few pictures of the dogs from the last few days:

Merlin has taken to sleeping on the couch next to me… it’s just impossible to resist petting that tummy when he is there:


Twyla knows how to relax on the couch still as well:


It was very very very windy here today. We got up to 60mph gusts (possibly more). They were saying they got up to 90mph gusts up in boulder today.
My neighbors water main decided to explode eariler. I heard the fountain of water when I went to let the dogs out in the yard. Not sure how long it had been fountaining, but I turned it off and left them a note on their door. It looked like it was draining into the basement, but not sure how much got in there.
(I didn’t think to get a picture…)

I did run accross a bunch of fence that was down due to the winds though:

down fence

down fence