I am heading out to the anual family thanksgiving gathering in Phoenix. Since I am not as young as stupid as I used to be, I decided to split up the trip instead of trying to do it all at one go. Toward that end, I am staying the night here at the lovely Econolodge in Gallup, NM.

Three nice things about this place:

– They take pets.
– They have free wireless.
– They are cheap.

And a few not so great things:

– The toilet in this room seems to cycle on and run water every 10min or so.
– This non smoking room seems to have a cigarette that someone dropped behind the tv (I noticed when plugging my laptop in).
– The outside door you need a key to open is broken in the always unlocked position.

Oh well, just need to catch a bit of sleep before heading on tomorrow morning.

Hope everyone is having a good thanksgiving.