Here’s a few pictures from the last few days…

A nice pic of some leaves. They have really piled up in the yard lately.


Kurt and Twyla and Merlin hanging out in the yard:

kurt and twyla and merlin

There was a bit of snow on thursday morning. It didn’t really stick or last, but it was pretty to watch failling:

merlin in the snow

Here’s the view from the upstairs computer room where I have been hanging out in in the mornings.
It’s nice to be able to look out on the street, especially when it’s snowing so nicely.

snow with a view

I took my truck into the shop friday. There was a recall on it. While they were doing the recall work they found several other nasty problems. Looks like they will be covered by my warentee, but they couldn’t do the work friday, so I had to have a stupid rental car this weekend.

At the car dealership they had this desk with a phone and the sign below over it.
I didn’t see any kind of ethernet jack, so I guess they assume you will bring your own dsl modem to use the DSL. 😉
Oh, and “DSL Line” is like “ATM Machine” or “PIN Number”… anoying.

silly sign