A while back some folks made an Open Source Beer. J and J and I decided to try our hands at it here. Of course we didn’t have the same ingredients, and here in backward USA the measurements are not in metric, but we did the best we could.
I guess this would be a patch on the orignal recipe. We haven’t yet bottled or tasted it, but hopefully it turned out well.

1) Steep for 20 minutes In 15 gallons of 160 degree F water:

2.0 lbs Munich malted barley
1.0 lbs 55L Crystal malted barley

2) Take out the ‘teabag’ of barley and add Fermentables :

6.0 quarts Pale Malt Extract
1.0 lb Maltodextrine

3) Bring the wort to a rolling boil, and boil until the bubbles
formed are nice and big. This is to ‘crack’ the sugars.

4) Shut off the heat, let the bubbles settle

5) Bring the wort to a rolling boil again, and boil until the
bubbles formed are nice and big.

6) Shut off the heat again, let the bubble settle and SLOWLY add

1.50 oz Tettnang hops
1.25 oz Hallertau hops
7.00 oz Powdered Guarana beans

7) Bring to a medium boil for 30 minutes

8) Turn off heat and add 2 pellets of Irish Moss, wait 5 minutes

9) Filter mixture, add 3944 Begian Witbier Yeast and ferment for
2 weeks at room temperture.

—> 2 weeks later 2 weeks later and until gone <—

11) Drink beer