The BBQ last night went pretty well. Had a good turnout and some good conversation. I made some roasted elephant garlic to spreading on crackers, and it was quite yummy. I also broke out some many year old mead that had been aging in the basement that was quite yummy. I forgot to take any pictures of the festivities. Oh well.

Today I was meeting tkil and delirumdreams for the 1:45 showing of mirrormask. I didn’t get to the theatre until about 2pm. The stupid worthless broncos were having a game and I25 was a total parking lot. Since I don’t usually go down I25 on sunday afternoons, it wasn’t something I looked up beforehand. Yet another reason to loathe the broncos.

Mirrormask was pretty good. I need to see it again so I can see the first 5minutes, but I still enjoyed it. As others mentioned the visuals were very very well done. The story wasn’t great, but it was ok as a framework to hang the visuals on. I can see owning a copy of it so I could watch it a number of times and catch lots of things I missed just because the visuals are so rich. So, not a great movie, but a good one.