Well, back from yet another whirlwind trip down to lovely Tucson, AZ.

The family was getting together to divide up things from my dad’s estate. Not a very happy occassion, but still nice to see everyone. It’s getting to where I know the drive pretty darn well at this point, so I can autopilot along. Went down friday and have a quick stop in Albquerque to drop off some computers for tkil at
deliriumdreams place. Stopped in Las Cruces friday night. Saturday was off to Tucson and was spent making lists and talking about stuff in my dad’s house. Sunday was more list making. We did manage to have an outing to Madera Canyon, which is a really nice place. Monday we ran some errands around town and then everyone headed home. I decided to just push through and go all the way home monday after leaving Tucson around 2pm. That put me into denver around 3am tuesday morning. Really the only bad things on the drive back was the heavy fog between colorado springs and denver, and the Arby’s I ate at because it was handy. I should know better.

Here are some pictures of the madera canyon hike