Fall is here now. I hope it sticks around for a while and we don’t just go directly to winter.

fall colors

I tried to take a movie of Merlin running around the yard like a maniac today. Not sure how well it turned out due to the lighting, but it’s amusing if nothing else.

Finally, I have made good progress on my rearranging things. I cleaned up the basement a lot, moved the big computer desk down to the basement, moved bookshelves, moved computers over to a new shelf and cleaned up the library room. I had 7 (!) computer cases in there that were not needing to be plugged in/not working. Need to give some of those away or otherwise get them out of my hair. The two computers I am using there are all nicely cabled and setup now. I should be able to put a nice comfy chair up there and be able to have a window to look out down on the world from.