Well, another weekend gone by and only one weekend of faire left this year.

Friday I picked up a new foster dog. She’s just shy of one year old (Her birthday is next sunday,..the last day of faire). She is totally full of energy (as you might imagine at her age) and very cute. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to get along with the other greyhounds very well. Not sure if it’s an alpha/dominance issue, or she’s just stressed out and can’t handle it. Otherwise she’s very nice and loves people all the time.



Saturday was hot hot hot out at the faire. There were some clouds that rolled in and it did end up raining, but not until very late in the day. In the morning, Ebony the foster dog was ok, but in the afternoon she started having issues with espcially the girl dogs. Luckily I brought a muzzle for the car ride home and there were only minor snaps.

Sunday was much nicer. Clouds rolled in pretty early and kept up a pretty good cover over things.

On Saturday I did manage to finally see a 5:30 Iris and Rose show. A very amusing time. I wish I could make it down there every day.

Pictures are up in the usual place.