yessire, it was a busy weekend. R and E came in on thursday night late. Their flight got delayed about an hour, which wasn’t fun, but could have been much worse. Stayed up pretty late chatting and catching up on things. Friday I got up early to answer a client call so not much sleep was to be had. Ran some errands in the afternoon and picked up supplies for the weekend, then went up to boulder to have dinner and play around on pearl street. The Med is a lovely place for dinner. Finally got to sleep around 2am or so.

Saturday was a faire day, so after not much sleep got up and dressed and off to the faire. The weather was pretty nice, overcast and not too hot. It was a good day out at faire. My friends D and J and their 2 kids showed up shortly after opening and I did get a chance to go and wander around with them. Faire is always nice when you are there with young ones around. They see everything very magically. Around 3ish my friends T and J and her two kids showed up, so we had a pretty big crowd.

After the long day of faire, I stupidly had planned a cocktail party at around 8pm. We managed to get back to the house around 8:10, and luckily no one showed up early. We had a few minutes to clean up and then folks started arriving. It was a good crowd and we drank cocktails until the early morning.

Of course sunday was also a faire day, so after not much sleep we got up and got garbed up and off to faire. Sunday was a bit cooler and nicer yet weather wise. It was pretty hard to stay awake and talk with folks at the booth, but I managed. We were all dragging sunday night after closing up the booth. Just enough energy to go back home and eat some very hot indian food and then pass out early for once.

Monday (being the day we celebrate the freedoms we once enjoyed and hope to enjoy again) we got up somewhat early and went hiking paster nederland for a while. We did probibly a 5mile hike or so (hey, thats enough to work off a margarita!) and it was quite lovely up in the mts. There wasn’t even that many people out there. After the hike we came back and got setup for the BBQ. Pretty nice turnout of folks for that and a lovely time was had by all.

For some reason this weekend my house decided to fall apart: My front door latch fell off. My downstairs toilet wouldn’t stop flushing and when the offending part was replaced it wouldn’t stop leaking, my back sliding glass door handle got pulled off, and at least 2 light bulbs burnt themselves out. Perhaps my house just doesn’t like that number of people visiting at once.

You can find pictures here in the regular spot.