Well, after the long bike ride friday night, it was time for another faire weekend. It’s sure a way to burn up a weekend. The usual schedule is to get up around 6:45-7am, get all dressed up and try and get the dogs to eat their breakfast and everything packed up. Then I leave my place between 8:15am-8:30am. It’s around 45-50min down to the faire site when there isn’t traffic, and there is usually traffic. Setup the booth before the 10am cannon, and man the booth all day until 6:30pm closing cannon. It usually takes us 30min or so to pack up the booth, count donations and get back to the car. After the drive back, it’s usually right around 8pm. A 12 hour day.

It’s a nice place to hang out though, the dogs love it and there are a bunch of very nice friends I have met down there. We really do a lot of good for the greyhounds there. It’s amazing how many people expect them to be hyper and high strung and require a LOT of exercise.

Pictures are up at the usual place