Well, got back from the Arizona trip last night around midnight. The drive back was long as well, but also uneventfull, just some construction and stupid drivers, nothing out of the ordinary.

Friday we had a bunch of visiting time and hanging out at the resort. It was a pretty nice place. Very good views from it (it was on a hill). The pool was nice. All the folks in the resturant there were nice. Friday night we went up to my fathers place (about 30min away) and had a BBQ. Got in more visiting with the family there.

Saturday we all got up early and went for a geocache expidition. There was one only a few miles from the resort and we wanted to go before it got hot. We got to the trailhead about 8am and after a very nice hike we managed to find the cache. This one was a 1.5 out of 5 difficulty, so it was pretty easy. By the time we got back to the cars around 9:30 it was already getting too hot for hiking. We probibly should have gone eariler. Saturday afternoon was spent in the air conditioned suite looking at photos and drinking wine, then off for dinner down at the resturant. They were kinda slow bringing us our food, but everything was very yummy. After dinner was yet more visiting and drinking wine.

Sunday was the drive back day. I stopped by my dad’s place on the way and visited for a bit and then hit the road. 14 hours later I was home.