This weekend I am at a family gathering down in arizona. Rio Rico Arizona.

The drive down thursday was pretty uneventfull, but quite long. It’s almost exactly 1000 miles from my house to the resort we are staying at. Took around 13-14hours. Predictabily there was bad traffic in the larger cities: Denver, Colorado Springs, and Albquerque. I almost got to witness a head on collision on the highway between hatch and deming. Some lady passed me, and then stayed in the left hand lane and was adjusting the visor on the passenger side while not paying attention to the large truck headed her way. Someone honked and she brained up before they hit though.

The resort seems pretty nice so far from the small amount I have seen. The desk lady was nice and wanted to meet all the dogs (yes, they allow dogs here! Hurray). She said the wireless they have setup would work in the lobby or the resturant, but not in the rooms. Luckily she was wrong.
Well, time to pass out now. More adventures tomorrow.