Well, this last weekend was the opening day of the Colorado Ren Faire and I was out there both days with my 3 pups. Saturday was very nice weather wise. It seemed kinda lethargic on what people were willing to do, there wasn’t as much playing as normal for some reason, and our donations weren’t too great.

Sunday was more rainy, but more playfull. Lots of folks starting to get into the spirit of things and have a good time.

Of the dogs, twyla of course was in heaven. People to pet her all the time and a soft pillow to lay down on. Nothing could be finer for her.

Merlin does pretty well out there. He doesn’t mind people petting him and enjoys walking in the parade. He’s always looking for me though. He’s very very bonded to just me in particular. When I leave the booth someone has to keep a strong grip on him.

While Kurt does petsmart just fine, he really doesn’t like the front of the booth out there. So, I set him up behind the “counter” in the booth. He gets to relax and I can get people coming into the booth to go over and pet him. Seems to work out pretty well:

I’m traveling the next 2 weekends, so I won’t be out there, but I should all the weekends after that. Should be fun. 🙂