It’s been a quiet week here for the most part. Work wise there have been a bunch of
updates and other items to get done before the end of the year, so thats been keeping
me pretty busy during the days.

I have been waffling about what to do for new years for a while, but finally decided
to just stay around town. It would have been nice to go down to Las Cruces and spend
it with friends, but the 22 hours of driving and all the costs didn’t sound worth it.
After my car being in the shop (which luckily was mostly paid for by insurance) and
twyla going into expensive surgery, spending more on a trip doesn’t sound like a good idea
right now.

Thanks to J I finally got around to watching firefly. Wow. It’s super good. Like countless
others, I have to wonder why on earth they canceled it so quickly. It’s become my favorate
post Civil War Western. I hope the movie is good.