Skipped the usual petsmart meet-n-greet Saturday since I could only fit one
dog in the rental car. Feel kind of bad about missing it, but it would have
been a pretty gigantic hassle, and 2 dogs would have been pretty annoyed.

Took the FINE rental down to Colorado Springs Saturday afternoon for
Open house. Got to see a nice casting demo and look over all the nice
goodies, as well as visit with Kathy for a bit.

Saturday night
was DJ’ing down in Denver, and I wanted to go. However, by the time later
evening rolled around, I was not feeling very social or like dealing with driving
the rental down in Denver and parking it, so I bailed.

Sunday I went up to Fort Collins and the petsmart there and helped out
with taking pictures with Santa as a fundraiser for
CGC. It was a bit on the slow side, but
we still did about 10-15 pictures, so thats 50-75$ for the group.

Unfortunately, Monday I found out that Twyla has a abscessed anal glad.
Pretty nasty and painful looking. So, next week she gets to go in and
get her anal glads removed. Poor pup. Have to keep her from licking it
and get antibiotics into it in the mean time.