On the good side, I think the
game yesterday night went reasonably well. Most of the night was
devoted to making characters, but we managed to get in 45min
or so of introduction leading up to a combat (that we will run
next week). Looks like it should be an amusing group.

On the minus side I took my truck in to have them check a few things
and it’s looking pretty nasty. They found coolant in the oil,
meaning all sorts of nasty possibilities. Luckily I did get an
extended warentee on it when I got it, so it’s probibly only
going to cost me the $100 deductable instead of a possible
600, 1100 and 2000. It’s still in the shop as of now. I sure
hope they finish it tomorrow. If they don’t I probibly will
have to look into getting a rental, as I have a bunch of
places I need to be this weekend.

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