Bottled cider tonight. It turned out pretty nicely I think. It quite
dry, but very yummy. It tastes a bit like the hornsby’s dark and
dry cider. Should be nice at the halloween party next weekend.

Got a ton of anoying around the house things done this weeked,

  • laundry
  • washing AND waxing the truck
  • cleaning out the insides of the truck
  • giving all the dogs baths
  • cleaning up apples in front
  • mowing
  • draining the sprinkler system
  • loading music for the trip next week
  • bottling cider

I meant to wander down and see
DJ and play good music, but didn’t finish dinner until pretty late
and didn’t manage to overcome hermithood. 🙁

Finally, I had run some sleeping bags through the wash tonight to have
them nice and clean for the trip next weekend, and I made the
mistake of leaving them out where twyla could find them. She
promptly made a nice nest in them and went to sleep: