Yesterday was an all greyhound day. Went out to the monthly meet and
greet at petsmart and hung out for a few hours. It wasn’t all
that crowded, so was kinda borning, but the dogs had a nice
time. We got to see Jackson the great dane as usual and got a
few people who sounded interested in adopting or fostering
greyhounds. Then it was off to the annual
Colorado Greyhound Companions
Dinner and meeting. It was nice to chat with everyone at the
group. They had a metric ton of stuff in their silent auction,
but I managed to only win one item (a greyhound color poster
with frame).

and I were supposed to meet up at
Caffe Sole
up in boulder and do a bike ride around boulder. Unfortunately he
managed to pick up some kind of bug and wasn’t feeling up to
going. So, determined to bike ride today, I went back near my
house and went to the Big Dry Creek trail. It wasn’t bad… it
was soft gravel on hard packed earth, except in a few places
where the recent rain turned it into mud or mushy gravel
fans. Probibly only went 5-6 miles, but it was a very pleasent

Here’s a link to a few
pictures of the trail

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