Went out for a lovely dinner with friends at
the Walnut.
They had a so-so altbeer and a very nice red. The food was excellent
as usual. Then we wandered over to
for a show. We got over there around 9:30, and the opening act had
“just started”. They played until a bit after 10. They were
pretty good. It was one guy with a gitar, and later he asked
some friends from
shanti groove
to join him. The banjo player was amazingly good. The other guy was
mixed down so far I couldn’t hear him.

After the opening act we waited for the headliners to go on. They
played a really weird mix of music between bands: punk, ac/dc,
and old bluegrass. Which wouldn’t have been too bad, but it was

The headliners,
Split Lip Rayfield
went on around 10:45. They were pretty cool. Kinda like speed
bluegrass. However, they were also REALLY REALLY REALLY LOUD. In
addition the venue was packed. It was so packed the guy next to
me kept elbowing me. I’m not sure what the capacity of that
place is, but it was very much at it. Around 11:30 we had had
enough and fled. The band was good, pity they weren’t in a nicer
place, or one with less people/better sound people. When we left
there was a pile of people waiting in the alley to come into the