Not a good beginning for the weekend. Traffic was horrible out to the
airport. The near lot was full, so I had to park in the far away
lot. The bus there waited for-ever to fill up before leaving the
lot to head to the terminal. We must have waited close to 20min
to get moving. Got to the terminal with 44min before my
flight. 45 min is the cutoff. Talked an agent into trying to
check my bag in anyhow. Ran to the security checkpoint and it
was fucking packed. That took about 25-30min to get through. I
just missed the train to the B concourse. Got on one finally,
got to the concourse, ran off the train to the gate only to miss
the door closing about 1min before. Went and stood in line at
the customer service line and they put me on standby for the
next flight: 6:22pm. Sucky, but ok. Then, I noted that the 6:22
flight is now delayed to 7:45. And I am still only on standby. I
might not get on even then. Oh well, guess we will see what
happens. Wish me luck.