A word about D&D:

I’ve been playing in a D&D game (most) every tuesday night for a
while. It’s really been quite nice to do some role playing
again. I really missed it. Exersizing your imagination, your
ability to think of what to do in weird/tough situations, and
hang out with cool people are all quite nice. D&D isn’t
something I remember too well, since I last played 1st edition
AD&D and started with basic D&D. In a lot of senses the system
itself doesn’t matter, the role playing and figuring things out
is the important part. I do prefer
GURPS over D&D as a
system, but I guess in the end it doesn’t matter.

Speaking of
as soon as I get my new copies of the 4th edition books (just coming
out now), I am planning on running a game here. Probibly monday
or wed night. I have a few takers already, but could use a few
more. Anyone interested? Drop me an email.