On the transitory nature of wines.

Drinking a nice bottle of merlot tonight and it got me thinking. Sure,
with the mass produced vats of wine there are a number of
bottles of each particular wine made, but still each one is it’s
own particular grapes. Even if there are 10,000 bottles of some
particular wine “batch” bottled, you have to think after a few
years most of those bottles are either gone and drunk, or
sitting in some collectors basement. So, enjoy the unique bottle
of wine that you have. Those grapes and that yeast fermented for

Side note: the wine I had tonight was a 1997 mendocino merlot –
Sketchbook collection. They have a
which is pretty unimpressive. I was hoping they would at least have
images of the labels. The label is surely why I got this
wine. It has a old hound on it (looks white with brindle spots)
saying “don’t wake me – I’m old”.