Lovely dinner/evening. Dinner was an idea courtsey of my friend lizard:

1/2 package of cream cheese.
1 tbsp korean red spicy pepper sauce.

I think now that I had made this simple repast I will do a few things
diffrently. More spicy red peper sauce is always in order (I
started out low since I wasn’t sure how hot it really
was). Also, next time I will start the skillet out at 11 instead
of starting out medium. It qas still yummy though. Also had a
nice mellow cabernet with dinner. I must be a lightweight, a
bottle of wine wipes we out anymore.

After that I took the dogs for a nice walk. We ran into a mom, a
6month old and a 3 year old. The 3 year old was fascinated by
the dogs and wanted to know if they had a place to “pee pee” and
“poo”. Was amusing talking to her and having her mom look
embarresed. The dogs loved the attention.