Just got back from the long thanksgiving drive loop. Broomfield to Phoenix to Tucson to
Las cruces and back to Broomfield. It’s nice having a car with some range.
Only had to fill up 5 times.

I took the C470 toll road on the way out of town. It cost me $8.50, but I think it was
well worth it. Bypassed all of denver and it’s nasty construction and traffic. Of course
when I got back to I25 it was bumper to bumper to colorado springs.

Had a nice time at my sisters in phoenix. Ate too much food of course, which seems
to be the tradition at thanksgiving. Lots of family there for dinner. Took a nice hike
at the cave creek recreation area friday to walk off some of the food. Looked through my
brothers new 9.5in celestron telescope. It’s quite nice. All computerized. You just tell
it what you want to see and it will point at it.

Then off to tucson to visit my dad. He’s doing well it seems. Had a nice BBQ there with
more of the family. Did a few things around the house for him.

Visited kurt and allison in Las Cruces. They have a new dog there now. Willow. She is
a very sweet pup. Pretty calm for as young as she is. Got together with Mike Vinz and he
beat the pants off us in a Settlers game.

We went to the gardinios and ate too much mexican food and then I hit the road and came
back home. Wasn’t even that much traffic on the road. I left Las Cruces at about 12:30
and got home about 10pm. Not too bad. Once I got home had to unplug my mail queue. Clamav seems to
have gotten stuck on a message. I will have to track that down tomorrow.