Things have been crazy busy of late, but with Fedora 39 out the door and a week of vacation coming up I am finally starting to feel caught up. So, I thought I would share a quick post on some stats:

Number of instances in fedora-infra ansible inventory: 448

Instances here means bare metal machines, vm’s on those bare metal machines and some aws instances. It doesn’t include containers or the like.

Breakdown by OS:

273 are Fedora of some version and 175 are some RHEL version

Of the Fedora ones, 1 is f40 (rawhide-test), 39 are f39, 210 are f38 (all the builders are still on f38, going to be reinstalled with f39 soon), 13 f37 and the rest odd older things (our OSBS cluster which is slated for retiremenet).

Of the RHEL ones, 70 are 9, 59 are 8 and 46 are 7. Many of the ones still on RHEL7 are services we are working to retire or waiting on applications to be ported to RHEL9 (mirrormanager, badges, mailman3, osbs, pdc, mbs). Many of the RHEL8 ones are just tricky ones to upgrade like database servers or virthosts that house those database servers.

Likely in the coming weeks I will try and get a bunch more of those uplifted before the end of the year. There may be some downtime doing the databases, but hopefully it will be minimal.