Just a few notes from the trail this week:

  • zchunk repodata should be in place as of todays compose. Feedback on how much repodata you need to download now or any other issues with it would be good to get fixed up before we branch f30 off of rawhide. Ideally people will be download a LOT less repodata now.
  • AdamW setup the openqa reports that go to the devel and test list to also note what tests would be gating and if we were gating what would we have hit. This is grep prep work for the gating landing, so we can fix those tests/issues and start with a GO.
  • Not directly rawhide, but related: bugzilla was updated finally to bugzilla5. Overall things went fine, but there’s a few issues: bodhi is having trouble updating bugs sometimes, and things that use libreport (anaconda and abrt) are no longer just sending 1 email on new bugs, but an email for every attachment. These issues are being worked on.

I hope everyone has a relaxing holiday season.