Greetings everyone! Lets take a look at notable things from the rawhide trail in the last week:

  • We had 2 DOOMED composes and 5 FINISHED_INCOMPLETE
  • The DOOMED ones failed because of broken deps in gnome-contacts (making the Workstation live media fail to compose). This was actually fixed very quickly (just needed a rebuild), but for some reason got stuck in the signing queue, so it still wasn’t fixed when we thought it was.
  • I just updated pungi on rawhide-composer to 4.31.1, which should make composes a little faster. See this post by pungi developer Lsedlar
  • Some folks have been having problems with the dbus->dbus-broker change. Do make sure that dbus-broker is enabled to start on boot if you run into strange boot issues.
  • There’s a good deal of high level talk about pushing the f31 release out next year to allow for more tooling and possibly longer lifecycles on the devel list. Do read and contribute if you have thoughts on the matter. I’d definitely like to see us improve things, but so far most of the discussion has been very high level and handywavy. Can’t wait to get into details.

Otherwise its been a pretty typical week, between 2018-11-23 and 2018-11-30:

Added packages: 19
Removed packages: 12
Modified packages: 1293