Just a short note to everyone out there that posts links to facebook pages or posts: Something you may not realize is that for those of us that do not have or want to use a facebook account the experience is pretty subpar.

You go to the page (without being logged in to facebook) and the page or post loads, you start to read it and then… BAM a gigantic popup appears, blocking all the page contents. It’s a dialog asking you to login to facebook or create a new account or (in small print on the bottom: “Not now”). So, not wanting to login (for whatever reasons), you click on ‘Not Now’. The dialog disappears… but is replaced by a wide bar on the bottom of the page asking you to login or create a new account. Thee is no close button on this bar, and it blocks about the bottom 25% of the content, so you get to page up and down and try and read around it.

I know all the reasons facebook is doing things this way, but I just wanted to mention it to those of you who do login to facebook and perhaps didn’t even know about this.

So, do think, next time you share a link, is there some more free place to share it?