I decided to take a slightly different way home. In part because I couldn’t find a flight from DRS -> AMS that would get me there in time for the AMS->PDX leg and partly just because it would be fun:

I took the train from dresden to frankfort and then on to Utrecht. It was about a 10 hour journey, but it was nice. I went with Patrick and Randy and we had a bunch of discussions and watched the landscape go by. In Utrecht I got a hotel for overnight and we went to a great little resturant along the canal. Great place. My only regret it that it got too late for me to see Patrick’s place, so I just went to bed and got up the next morning for my flight.

On checking in I saw that I had a lovely SSSS on my pass, so I got to get extra searched at the gate, but it wasn’t too bad, and it let me board before I would have normally been able to. Then the flight back and the drive home were mostly uneventfull and I managed to get in around 2pm.

Overall this was a great flock, I had a lovely time and all the organizers did a awesome job!