Day two started out with The power of one: For the good of the community by Rebecca Fernandez. She had a lot of great information there on how to handle various community interaction and we had a number of questions from the audience. Some of the things were how to approach busy folks with your ideas, or how to suggest things in communities you are new to as well as how to handle ‘heated’ issues on mailing lists. A number of great points to ponder there.

Next up was my talk about keeping rawhide on the trail. I had added a few points to my slides early in the morning before coffee and that bit me at the end of the talk (my summary/questions slides got deleted somehow). Other than that I hope it went well. I talked about history and then a bunch of interesting compose issues we hit in the last while and then some things we could try and do to make it better.

Next I wanted to go to Brian Stinsons CI talk, but it was already standing room only by the time I got my laptop all packed up from my talk. So, I did a bit more hallway track.

I had to go to Christoph Wickerts talk “From Zero to Hero and Back again – My Decade in Fedora Land”. A lot of great old photos and discussion. Ah memories.

Since I am in the server working group, I decided it might be a good idea for me to next go to Stephen Gallagher’s “State of the Fedora Server edition” session. There were some interesting ideas here, many around leveraging cockpit as our deployment/management application. Several people promised to mail the server list their ideas, so I look forward to hearing those in the coming weeks.

Next I went to the SIGs roundtable and talked about EPEL with a number of folks. Some great ideas, we will see how they play out in the next year or so.

After that I went into hallway track mode and talked to various folks.