Tomorrow I’m traveling out to Raleigh, NC for a gathering to work on CI and Infrastructure for Fedora and will be out there all next week. We will of course be around on IRC and hope to pull in remote folks that are interested in participating, but if you need us for something and can’t find anyone, please file a ticket and we will get back to you as soon as we can. has a list of the things we hope to work on, but a short summary:

  • Get a bunch of information from Patrick on OIDC (Open ID Connect, basically the current spec for OpenID), both for application developers who might need to interact with it and sysadmins who need to manage it.
  • Work on a bunch of items related to Continuous Integration in Fedora, koji and bodhi integration and being able to use the CentOS CI hardware to run more tests.
  • Figure out a plan to setup a OpenShift instance in Fedora Infrastructure. This will help us deploy some new apps that expect that sort of setup as well as look at moving some of our apps to this new and exciting workflow. We have a big list of stuff to figure out at:
  • Some misc other discussions about database replications and other things that high bandwith talks would help.

It should be a fun and busy week… I’m going to try and summarize each days discussions here, either daily or at the end of the week.