Looking back over 2015, I see I only managed 7 rawhide posts. Will see if I can do better for 2016. In any case, looking back at these posts and emails I have sent to mailing lists with rawhide topics I thought I would do a bit of a year end roundup.

Overall we have made some great improvements:

  • We now have openqa running on rawhide images every day to let us know when the install path breaks so we can fix it and so people know when doing a rawhide install will work for them.
  • Rawhide is “mostly” signed now. When a large set of rpms lands right before the compose the autosigner sometimes doesn’t sign them all before the compose, but for the most part all the rpms are signed. (For example, all rawhide composes since 2015-12-29 are fully signed, that one had a qt5 build that landed right before compose).
  • Slowly it seems like more people are using rawhide day to day and helping report issues or problems. Rawhide is not for everyone, but it’s good to have a pool of folks using things and testing and reporting bugs so they can get fixed.

Coming up in 2016:

  • releng hopes to soon change the rawhide compose process to use pungi4. This would be the same process then used for real Alpha/Beta/RC/Final composes. It would mean we would have a full compose of all things every night we could test and use.
  • We are working through bugs with sigul batch signing mode (we have already made some great progress fixing several issues), and once those are all solved the autosigner should be able to handle things much quicker.
  • Hopefully we can start doing some more automated testing on composes as well.

Looking forward to another fun year running rawhide and making it better for everyone!