Flock is finally here! ­čÖé

The conference is in the hotel, so there was pretty much no travel time or chance to get lost. Registration was quick and easy and well run.

The keynote was from our Fedora Project Leader, Matt Miller. He had a number of great slides of statistics about how Fedora is doing in various ways, showing things are growing and looking pretty good.

I caught a few talks, and they were all pretty good:

10 ideas that are killing open source had some great discussion and a nice way of looking at the various reasons people don’t open source their code, and how to convince them to change their minds.

After that I went to the “hallway track” and talked with a bunch of folks about a bunch of things. It’s great talking to people in real life in high bandwith to try and explain or learn about something. It’s also of course great to talk to old and new friends.

Lunch was pretty nice there at the hotel as well, then back to catch part of Patrick’s talk about the state of Fedora Infrastructure. There were a number of questions which Patrick handled just fine. It was great to see that he knows the infrastructure setup so well and can field questions nicely.

The final talk of the day I went to was “What does Red Hat want?” Which was a great talk by┬áDenise Dumas. She went over how Red Hat culture is setup and noted that there’s even a clause for employees that if they participate in an open source project, they can put that projects needs over the company if they need to. There were a lot of questions on how to better communication from Red Hat to Fedora and vice versa. It would be great to hear more clearly from Red Hat what they really do want so the Fedora community could decide what and how to help them.

A bunch of us then went off for a team dinner at the Old Toad. It’s a nice british pub type place. The beer, food and company was all excellent.

Back at the hotel there was a games night. I didn’t manage to play any games, but I did talk to a number of folks to round out the evening.