With the recent release of gnome 3.17.3 I decided to take a look at running gnome under wayland again.

I run rawhide on my laptop, so it was pretty easy to just select gnome on wayland from gdm and give it a go.

The good news is that progress is being made from the last time I tried. For pluses:

  • No crashing or hanging. Last I tried my session hung after a short time.
  • All the extensions I use worked fine.
  • Copy/paste worked fine between apps

However, there’s still things to fix up:

  • gnome-terminal is basically unusable due to resizing itself all the time on focus in or out events. The window gets smaller and smaller and jumps back to normal, then super small again, etc. I had to run xfce4-terminal to have any kind of sanity.
  • There’s some weird spacing issues. I usually run with 2 terminals, each taking 1/2 of the screen. If I do this under gnome/X11 they fill up the entire screen, in gnome/wayland there is about a 1/2 in space around each terminal when I side tile them.
  • There is some serious focus lag. I switch applications/windows using alt-tab, and there’s sometimes a >5 second delay after I have switched before the new app has focus. This makes me send things to the old application I didn’t mean to. It may be related to me having sloppy focus enabled.
  • No ssh-agent, so you have to start one or type in your ssh passphrase a billion times.
  • Some things seemed oddly sized, like the display brightness widget. (Ie, the OSD when you hit up or down brightness). Much larger in gnome/wayland than gnome/X11

Overall things are moving forward to a bright wayland future.