There was quite a bit of activity this weekend in Fedora rawhide, so I thought I would send out a quick post with news for those that might be interested:

  • I fixed libcanberra package to work again. Due perhaps to changes in rpm, it was not pulling in it’s gtk2/gtk3 subpackages when you installed libcanberra-devel, which meant that anything that tried to build against it failed. I just added manually requires back in there, but there’s still a lot of questions about the packaging there. It’s… odd. The gtk2 subpackage requires the gtk3 one. In any case that allowed me to:
  • Rebuild gdm and pavucontrol so they worked and were synced up with the f22 updates that had been going out. In particular the newer gdm versions were fixing issues around using wayland by default and were quite needed by rawhide users.
  • Xfce 4.12 was released saturday morning. nonamedoc built out all the core builds into rawhide and then I pushed out builds for all the plugins and misc associated packages. There were a few minor issues and broken deps, which I mostly got cleaned up and working sunday. See the fedora-xfce list for more detailed status. Right now, IMHO things are looking pretty good, so we may try and build up f22 builds and see if we can get in a late change and freeze break to get it into alpha. As far as Fedora 21 and EPEL7, we will need to wait and see until after everything is sorted in 22 and rawhide. We may be able to do an update there. In any case there will be a copr. I don’t have any plans to update Fedora 20. It’s nearing it’s end of life and such a disruptive change doesn’t seem worth it.
  • There were missing symbols in x drivers, causing people to get fallback graphics. This was tracked down to the hardened_build for all packages change. It’s been reverted for now, so everything should go back to working for folks. Hopefully we can find a solution allowing us to re-enable it and not break things.
  • We have started (and nearly finished) signing rawhide packages. Everything won’t be 100% signed until we enable out autosign setup, but it’s going to hopefully be close and hopefully we will get that enabled soon. 😉
  • Rawhide live images are still failing to build due to a systemd change (making /etc/resolv.conf a link). I’m going to try and get that sorted out with systemd folks soon so we can have rawhide images again.
  • A vim package update was pushed out with an incorrect comment in it (leading to everytime you run vim you get an error). I notified the maintainer about it in a bug, if I hadn’t been busy with other things I would have just fixed it. Another provenpackager came along and did just fix it. 🙂

I’d also like to add a short note about expectations here. Several times in the last week people have said things like “oh, it’s rawhide, not surprised it’s broken, see if it clears up in a few days”. Please don’t tell people this, instead tell them: “looks like you hit a bug, please file it so it can get fixed up”. The X issue could have been cleared up more quickly if people had reported it (I didn’t notice here because I actually failed to reboot for 3-4days). Bugs and bugs, and we should report them and get them fixed up. If they are serious and don’t get fixed in a timely manner, please feel free to let me know and I can try and get them sorted out. We need to keep rawhide working and running so we can integrate new software.