In Fedora Infrastructure, all our applications are Free software. It’s one of our base requirements, allowing anyone out there to examine source, improve or modify things. Sometimes, just having the source of an application isn’t enough, you need the raw data to figure out some issue or generate some metric or support a theory.

Happily in some cases, our applications databases don’t contain any sensitive data. In those cases we provide dumps of these databases for any interested parties.

Currently available:

datanommer – This is the application that consumes all messages on our fedmsg bus. If there were messages in the past, it would have recorded them. You want this db if you want to look at fedmsg metrics or information.

fedoratagger – This application allows users to tag and rate packages in Fedora. This db is usefull if you want to look at application ratings or tags.

pkgdb2 – This is the application that controls access to Fedora packages for maintainers. You want this db if you want to look at stats about packages or packages related to acls.

And finally, new today: koji. This is the db that is used by It’s got information about all official builds back to the dark ages. You want this if you want to look at history about builds or buildroots or old fedora release versions.

All of these are available at:

If you find these useful or see other applications we run where there’s no sensitive data stored in the db, please let us know!