According to the schedule, yesterday was Fedora 21 branch day. We ran into a few minor issues with the branching, but overall it went well. This is the part of the release where we basically copy rawhide over to a new “branched release”, in this case what will become Fedora 21. Rawhide then moves ever on (in this case to Fedora 22, which of course it will never reach, as that will be branched off it someday and it will go on to 23, etc).

So, rawhide users need to look carefully the next few days. Do you want to follow Fedora 21 on it’s new branch being stablized for release? Or do you want to keep on riding the rawhide train? Pay attention to fedora-release versions and what repos are enabled to make sure you choose the path you want.

Otherwise things have been running along about as usual in rawhide. A bit of breakage in image creation with some systemd changes, but otherwise pretty quiet at least for me.

For those of you following the branch: good luck. I’ll be sticking with rawhide here and will keep trying to keep it usable day to day.