Greetings intrepid rawhiders. It’s been a few weeks as nothing too exciting was going on, but now I have piled up all sorts of fun rawhide tidbits for you. 🙂

A recent library so version jump in libgcrypt exposed the fact that the remmina package doesn’t build anymore. It’s not due to the libgcrypt change, but rather the freerdp library it uses not being compatible. Rebuilding for soname bumps sometimes exposes these other issues you wouldn’t normally be aware of and shows you packages that don’t build anymore. Sadly the remmina maintainer in Fedora doesn’t have time for it anymore, so it’s been orphaned. Before you go rushing off to take ownership of it, realize it’s going to take some work to get going again. There’s not been any upstream commits on it since last october and it’s a pretty gigantic and complex application. I do hope someone is up for the challenge, as it’s a pretty nifty app. For now, I’ve removed it from the xfce applications group so we can get Xfce live composes in rawhide.

A number of changes have been proposed and accepted for Fedora 21 (coming to mirrors near you later this fall). This means that a number of them are likely to start landing in rawhide soon. Maintainers: do remember that you should only push things if they are in a workable/testable state, try not to cause undo problems for rawhide users.

There’s been some more discussion around signing rawhide packages. Basically the best course of action would seem to be making some small script that watches fedmsg for official builds and then calls sigul to sign them. However, that is going to take some coding (sigul has no way to not require the pass phrase for the user is entered interactively right now). In the mean time as a stop gap we could sign manually, but that means either we gate rpms (only signed ones go out in rawhide composes), or we sign what we can, but other packages go out in composes unsigned. The first would mean more delay the second would mean you couldn’t depend on all packages being signed. More discussion ongoing. If you have ideas or want to step up to help write code around this, please do stop by the releng weekly meeting or the releng list.

Finally later today we are moving our backend storage. I hope that tomorrow’s rawhide will be a good deal faster to compose. We will see.