Another pretty quiet week in rawhide land.

One thing that I noticed the other day was a package that had been updated in the Fedora 20 branched release, but not in rawhide. In the past there was some inheritence between a branched release and rawhide. You could build in branched and if there was no specific rawhide build that build would appear in rawhide as well. This was handy for maintainers, but not so great for rawhide users. Often branched releases would keep older versions of libraries so inherited packages wouldn’t work, or someone would rebuild a package in rawhide and break the inheritance when the maintainer didn’t want, or a package in a branched release would turn out bad and be unpushed from updates-testing, but then rawhide users would still have it installed forever. So, there’s no longer any inheritance between them and if you are a package maintainer, please please build in rawhide first, then do your branched build.

Recent rawhide kernels seem to have broken support for my touchscreen on the new laptop. 🙁 It cycles in and out and never works long enough to use. I’ve posted to the kernel list about it, so hopefully someone will figure out the regression. I wasn’t using the touchscreen a lot, but it was still nice to have some, and I wanted to play with the tablet mode some more.