If you have a Fedora 17 install and updated recently (since saturday), you may or may not have noticed that the updates-testing repo is now disabled.

It’s enabled for testing during most of the pre-release cycle of Fedora, but as we get close to release time (and we are), updates-testing is disabled.

So, if you are a tester/qa person/wanting to help test in the run up to release you may wish to re-enable updates-testing (a simple: ‘su -c ‘yum-config-manager –enable updates-testing” should do). You can then update and use the excellent ‘fedora-easy-karma’ tool to provide testing feedback.

If you are not interested in testing things out, and want to just have your install more or less as it will be when it’s released on the 22nd, you may want to run a ‘yum distro-sync’. This should downgrade your packages to the base versions from any you have installed from updates-testing. If you don’t do this you may run into odd problems about packages not available or mismatches when trying to install 32bit packages on a 64bit install or the like.