Here’s my somewhat tardy report on day 3 at Fudcon 2011: Tempe. I meant to write it up sooner, but travel and recovery from travel and catching up at work have made me quite busy the last few days. 😉

Monday, the final day of Fudcon came early as usual. 🙂 I had a nice breakfast in the hotel and chatted with serveral Fedora folks, then headed off to the Venue. We were in the student union building with a number of rooms on the second floor. We did a bit of waiting on various people, and setting up laptops and work areas, then started back in on the Fedora Governance hackfest. We didn’t get too far into that before I slipped out to meet up with Jesse Keating and other Rel-Eng folks to go over processes on restarting signing servers and other updates tasks. I slipped back into the Governance talk after that, but it wasn’t long until we decided to just break for lunch and see about presenting what we had so far as a ‘Here is what we have now, how can we make it better’ type document.

Lunch was Pizza in the food court. Man was it busy there, we had a search for a table to accomodate our group. In true Fedora community, some of us got a table, someone stepped up to order and get drinks and Jared ordered and brought us pizzas. Move conversation over lunch on Governance, Infrastructure and other Fedora topics.

Unfortunately, my plane was due out later that afternoon and so right after lunch I went and said goodbye to folks and headed back to the hotel to catch the shuttle. My flight ended up being delayed by poor weather in Denver, but I did manage to make it in about an hour or so late. Then, due to bad roads, I caught the bus back to the park and ride near my house where my Girlfriend was waiting for me. As nice as fudcon was, it was also good to be home. 🙂

I have noticed a flurry of activity in the last few days from some folks, which is great to see. Gather ideas and energy at Fudcon and then move on to conquer the world. 😉 I’d like to thank Robin and Jared and all the other folks that helped organize this Fudcon, it’s a daunting task, but very much appreciated.