I’m back from a trip I took out to tacoma to go to a graduation. Sorry for missing out on the first of the Fedora IRC Town Halls. If you are a Fedora contributor, do read the Elections Questionnaire and the logs of the Town hall meetings and remember to go and Vote

Some general notes from my trip:

  • The Droid phone worked very nicely and was quite handy. Being able to get directions, find nearest services, check irc/IM, text house sitters, and play audio were all great. Coverage was very impressive as well
  • Wandering around the coast of oergon was great. I just wish we had more time to visit Fedora folks while we were up there.
  • This American Life is excellent for listening to on long drives. Please support them.
  • South Park Seafood and Grill is an excellent place in Portland. Local, fresh food, great service, yummy desserts.
  • The Van Gogh in the Portland art museum was lovely. It’s really amazing to me how much cooler great paintings are in real life than they are in just pictures of them on the net. The lighting, the texture, the way it looks from different angles and distances all make it well worth going to see these things in real life.
  • Spokane is a interesting city. I had no idea about the falls and such there.

All in all a fun trip, although it’s good to be home. 😉 I’ll probibly post pictures here or somewhere soon…