Just a note to folks out there who help out in, or are helped out by the freenode channel:

Due to a flood of unregistered spambots on the freenode network, we have had to make the channel require registration.

If you aren’t registered you will be redirected to -unregistered where links and notes can help you get registered and rejoin the main channel for support. Hopefully this will be a temporary measure until freenode migrates to their new shiny ircd in a few weeks. Sorry for the trouble, but it’s pretty easy to register. See you in !

PS: See http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration for how to register with freenode.

PPS: Also, if you see a flood of spam links in any freenode channels, please refrain from clicking on them. Currently they will turn your browser into an additional flooder and you will be removed from the network.

PPPS: There is no PPPS.