This holday season has been pretty nice… we decided to just stay home and relax.
It’s been nice to just have Wendy and I and the dogs around. We’ve both played a ton of Oblivion on the ps3.

I got a nice new camera: a Fuji f50fd. So far I really like it. The image stablization works pretty well, and it takes pretty nice pics.

I am still trying to decide what I want to do about organizing my photos, but as an test I setup a gallery2 site for the new camera pictures…
Follow any of the links on the pictures below to go to the gallery site.

Here’s a few pics from the last few days of playing:

Legs relaxing

Legs seems to be pretty happy living here.

Legs and Wendy

Wendy does too.


Kurt is doing pretty darn well all things considered.
He was diagnosed with Lymphoma not long back and has been going thru some chemo, but it’s all been going very smoothly.


Some folks came and met Prince today. They are going to look at 2 other dogs before they decide…
he seemed to get along well with them…Hopefully he will get adopted soon.