Well, I have totally failed to keep up with my postings. ;(

Last post was in mid-may, so just a bit over 2 months ago.
I just grabbed a ton of pictures off my camera, so look for some photo post updates very soon.

Other things that have been going on (in no particular order):

– The Ren faire has been going on. Have been going most every weekend down there with the pups. I have a ton of pictures.
– Camped down at the campground near faire some, and went on another short camping trip up to boyd lake. I really am enjoying my trailer. 🙂
– Ran out to Austin one weekend for a surprise birthday party for a friend. He was indeed very surprised, and it was a lovely time.
– Went down to another friends wedding reception. It was a blast, and the trailer worked great down in NM.
– Lots more that I am sure I have forgotten.

Look for some photo posts soon to catch up…