wow… I haven’t posted anything yet in 2007. 🙂

Not too much going on… busy work, cold snowy days.

Managed to bottle out Blackberry Vanilla mead the other day. It’s very yummy. I think it turned out great.
We still need to gather up bottles and bottle up the plain batch we did at the same time.

Sierra the foster girl left last week for her forever home. She’s heading out with a group of 30 pups being taken out to the coast.
I sure hope she has a good home, she was very sweet.

Looks like I will be heading out to Fudcon Boston in early feb.
Should be a good trip, I am looking forward to it, although I hate to leave the pups at home…

Now to catch up on pictures:

Ready for walking

Ready to head out the door for a walk, Sierra, Merlin, Kurt, Nash.

Nash in snow

I have started using Twylas old Soft Touch Harness on Nash.
It’s worked wonders. Before he was pulling up a storm, to the point were it was starting to hurt my hand. 🙁
With the harness he only very ocassionally pulls at all.


I got this $1.75 brush in the horse section at petsmart. It’s wonderfull… I reccomend them for any hound owners.
It pulls quite a bit off of Nash, but it’s worked great on the other hounds too.


This is what the outside of the door to the back yard looked like the other day.
Nice puppy print patterns.


Kurt’s looking pretty stylish in his coat.

Snow zoomies

Nash loves some snow zoomies.

Kurt and Merlin

Kurt and Merlin sharing a couch. Note that kurt has woken up and seen me get the camera, and is trying to decide if it’s
more scary to stay there while they flash goes off, or get up and potentially annoy merlin by removing his pillow.