So late last week was the great denver blizzard. I guess we ended up getting about 2.5ft or so here.
Of course as long as net and power are working I was able to work, so it wasn’t much different than most days.
I did have to do a bunch of shoveling to get it so I could pull out of the garage, but otherwise the snow was pretty fun.

Nash had a blast. He loves the snow. Running, jumping, playing, diving into, laying in, rolling in it.

Nash zooming in the snow

More Nash zoomies

Nash in snow

This snow stuff is wonderfull!

Nash burrying his head

You can even burry your head in it.

Nash bursting out

Nash bursting out of the snow.

Line of hounds in the snow

Parade of hounds heading out to the yard via the path I shoveled.

Hounds playing in the snow

Hounds playing in the snow


Majestic Merlin

Pile of hounds

Pile of hounds.

Rest break for Nash

Nash takes a cool down break.

Nash and a icy toy.

Nash finds a peice of ice to play with.

on a walk

On a walk, the shoveled out sidewalk is narrow in places… no problem for Nash, he prefers to jump through the snow. 😉

Yesterday a number of folks and hounds came by to visit. Including Nash’es favorite dog in the universe: Maisey the greyhound puppy. They played and played and played for about 2.5 hours non stop. Nash sure slept well that night. 🙂

Today I opened some squeeky toys for the dogs… they had a blast playing around with them.

Nash and chicken

The chicken was a big hit.

Later today I need to do some baking and then head up to a potluck in boulder.
I could bring a dog or two with me, but it’s hard to decide which ones I should take… I might just let them all stay home and relax.