After nukestock was over I hung out and worked from the trailer in my friend K’s front yard for the first part of the week.
Things worked out pretty well. He was off working as well, so we could get our work stuff during the day and then hang out some at night.

Tuesday night we went over to my friend C’s haunted house. Man, he sure goes all out. He said there were probibly 15-20 people that had worked on it this year. They had gotten all the neighborhood to agree to close the street, so people could walk around without getting run over. They had a live puppet show (folks in black with puppets in front of them), a table of insects and creepy crawlies, a mausoleum in the back yard, a magic mirror at the front door (very cool!), some pirate skeletons that talked and had a routine, some games (bone toss, etc). It was very well run and fun.

Thursday I packed up everything and headed up to the wilderness. My Friend V ended up being able to go with me due to some plans changing, so that was nice. We got in some visiting on the trip up. We had no problem finding the place we had decided to camp out at. There were 2 horse trailers there already, but no people, so we parked and crashed. Friday morning we moved the trailer to a slightly more level place and got a bit more setup. The generator I got was able to run the a/c there (7500ft) which was pretty cool. Of course it wasn’t hot enough to need it, but it was still nice. Friday night my friend B and his wife A showed up. Got in a bit of visiting and then turned in very early.

Saturday and Sunday and Monday morning were full on hunting days. Get up at 4:30 or 5:30am, hike out to where we wanted to hunt in the dark and be setup for dawn. Then hunt all morning, and head back to camp for lunch. Then after a bit head out for evening hunting. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to see anything we could (legally) shoot at. We did see some cool things however:

  • A Big bull elk and his 6 cow elk harem. We watched them wander around for a while.
  • One morning on the way back to camp we ran accross a flock of 11 wild turkeys. Amazingly we didn’t manage to spook them and watched them wander on by and roam around. Very cool. My friend B had been in the area for turkey season a while back and saw a bunch of big bucks, and now that he was out there deer hunting it figures that he saw a bunch of turkeys. 🙂
  • We didn’t see very many other hunters at all. We did talk to some folks at the trailhead/campground, but only saw hunters one morning accross a valley.

There was no cell coverage there at all, which was both anoying and also kinda nice. The trailer worked wonderfully. The furnace was nice to crank on when it got cold at night. The awning worked great for a little place to hang out. Also, the area where we were had a corral for horses, and had a mesh on the inside of the fence. That allowed me to let the dogs go in there every once in a while and run around like maniacs. I’m sure nash was happy about that. Nash did also manage to chew up the book I was reading. A was watching the dogs and went to go do something, leaving Nash out in the trailer. He chewed up the last 10 pages of my book. Perhaps he was letting me know that the ending sucked or something.

Monday after a full morning hunting, I packed up and headed back home. I did stop on the way back for a nap, but mostly just kept going. Got home tuesday morning around 5-6am. 300ish emails and several phone messages. Not too bad for the amount of time I was off line.

I’m looking forward to more camping in the trailer. it sure is nice and cooshy. 🙂