Slacking again. I meant to post monday… oh well. ;(

The CGA picnic was this last Saturday. I baked a bunch of cookies and brownies on friday night (they were having a bake sale as well) and managed to get all packed up and headed out the door by 11:15ish. I did make one wrong turn on the way, missing a street that they were constructing on and had no signs up for, but that was only a minor setback. We got to the park just around noon.

Met up with T and T and T’s parents (how’s that for confusing. 😉 Who had a shelter up and a x-pen for the doggies.
Shortly after I got there, the rain came in and it started to rain and rain. Luckily the rain lasted only about 20-30min and then cleared up.
It was lovely after that, especially when the sun was behind the clouds.

Nash had a lovely time meeting every hound and human he could. There was even a little all black girl puppy there that was about a month or so younger than Nash. He was pretty good at detecting the hounds that were very alpha and would flop down on his back with his tummy exposed to them.

The food was pretty excellent that everyone had brought, and I shared out a bottle of mead I got for my birthday.

kurt and merlin and sabrina

Merlin and Kurt and Sabrina in the x-pen


Nash taking a micronap.



There was a pretty good turnout of people and hounds.


Zuca getting read for the coustoume contest.

nash and T

Even a plastic bottle can be a lovely chew toy in the right hands.

xpen filled

Hey, that x-pen has really filled up.

standing in the xpen

Oh no, someone started a rooooo….

All in all a great time. Good to see friends and hounds.